Screen Sanity


Join Johnson County Mental Health Center’s Screen Sanity workshop, which helps parents create a family screen plan based on expert-guided content about digital health. This includes a roadmap for introducing your kids to a smartphone and social media— no matter what age or stage your kid is at in the process.

The content is designed for adults only but will give you practical ways you can talk to your kids about this topic.

The workshop will address the following:

  • Challenges facing today’s kids
  • Ways to keep our tech in check
  • How to model health screen habits for kids
  • Device-free zones, why its important and what that looks like
  • Keeping your kids safe in an online world.

Please note: while not visually graphic, the content discussed in this workshop is not appropriate for kids.

To learn more or for questions, please contact Prevention and Community  Relations at 913-715-7880 or [email protected]

October 18th, 2022 5:30 PM through  7:00 PM
(Zoom link will be sent after registration is complete)
United States