Volunteering: Things to know!

The Minimum Requirements to Volunteer: 

  • Volunteers shall be 21 or older and sufficiently mature to handle the responsiblitiies involved 
  • Must complete Initial Training (followed by annual recertification thereafter)
  • Pass initial Background Check (followed by annual background check thereafter)
    • Pending criminal charges are ineligible 
    • Past convictions require approval from the Director of Corrections
    • Must be off of all supervision for a minimum of 1 year before applying 
  • Initial TB test (followed by annual TB test thereafter)
  • Physical (Juvenile Detention Only) 

Effective October 4th, 2021, the County requires mandatory, regular COVID-19 testing for all volunteers who do not report being fully vaccinated.  In order to be considered fully vaccinated, a volunteer must complete a vaccine attestation form and provide a copy of their vaccination record.


For additional information, check out our Recruiting, Screening & Responsibilities of Volunteers Policy

Use this Volunteer Onboarding Worksheet to help you through the process!