County Corrections Volunteer Program

The Johnson County Department of Corrections relies on compassionate, open-minded, and supportive community volunteers to help bridge the gap between clients and the community they will be returning to.  Dedicated volunteers and paid staff believe change is possible and work in partnership to help clients find a way out of the system and into a better life.

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Screening & Commitment Process 

Application Process 

Available Classes 


Thank you for visiting our website as a potential volunteer opportunity.  If you are interested, I would love to help you get started.  Please review the screening & commitment process as well as the eligibility requirements. From there send me your application & background check information and I will be in touch.  My role is to support volunteers and work with you to serve our clients and the community.  We appreciate your willingness to help bridge that gap between the clients we serve and the community they will be coming home to.  


Jorge Gaona, Volunteers & Programs Coordinator 

Volunteer Positions

Mentor Position Description (Adult Clients only)

The Role of a Mentor

  • Willingness to be assigned an adult client to work 1x1 with for 12 months, meeting approximately ever 2 weeks.
  • An ability to listen with an open-mind and offer feedback and suggestions
  • Life experience is crucial.  You don’t have to have walked in their shoes, but being able to help guide them into being a productive member of society while navigating employment, kids, or whatever else they have going on is what is needed. 
  • If a mentor has their own history of recovery, we ask for at least 2 to 3 years or recovery before committing to this relationship.
  • A mentor doesn’t have to have all the answers, our team approach ensures you have support throughout your entire journey with the client you are assigned.

Reports To

The Volunteers & Programs Coordinator (VPC) & Mentor Coordinator (Community Volunteer)


  • Pass a background check
  • Complete training both online at own pace and via Zoom.
  • Complete an annual TB test (provided by Corrections)
  • Complete annual Recertification Training
  • We ask that you serve for a minimum of 6 months

More Coming Soon!

We appreciate you checking in and will be posting new volunteer positions soon!

More Coming Soon!

We appreciate you checking in and will be posting new volunteer positions soon!